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A Wonderful Trip Through Time.

Aditya is a gifted business analyst not too far removed from college. While on assignment, he solves an ancient equation that originated from 9th century India. Aditya knows he has unlocked one of the world’s greatest scientific mysteries, the only question is, will it destroy him or can it save him?

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The Science Behind ACE: The King Returns.

Science is getting close to providing the technology featured throughout ACE: The King Returns. While the story is fiction, the story is based on hypothetical factors and elements that will someday come to fruition, hopefully in our lifetime. Great thought and research went into the plot and storyline to blend art and science together. 

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Blending Visual Artistry With Storytelling

With production taking place in both the United States and India, ACE: THE KING RETURNS will present the visual pleasing layers of both 9th century and modern day India. Making this possible will be Girish Kolapkar. His talent of set design will make the complexities of seamlessly bridging yesterday with today effortlessly come together. 

Sanjay Khanzode as the Director of Photography will bring the film to the screen. Sanjay brings his techniques of camera angles, car mounts and rigs, to bring high paced action to scenes in his films. This will be key to the sci-fi elements of the movie.

Sachin Lovalekar will work his magic as the project’s costume designer. Bringing the fashions of yesterday and today to add to the authenticity of the film.